Games are great, but fast, simple and secure payments are an important part of what makes your play fun too. When it comes to depositing and withdrawing money, you should never have doubts about the payment method you choose or worry about the security of your funds.

If you’re new to PlayOJO, need the latest info on our online casino payment methods or you’re looking for some deposit and withdrawal tips, this guide has all you need related to online casino banking in the UK. We also show you what PlayOJO does to ensure we are a fast withdrawal casino, coz we know that’s an important part of your casino experience.

1.0 Casino payments explained

In this section we’ll take a look at all the casino banking essentials you need to know. This includes a look at the different types of available banking options you’ll find at PlayOJO, and which are the best for making fast withdrawals.

1.1 PlayOJO payment methods

You’re ready to play and to make your first deposit. But which is the best online casino payment method for you? Let’s start by taking a look at the options available to you at PlayOJO.

Debit cards

Debit card payment methods are one of the most trusted, used and accepted popular online casino payment methods available today. We accept both VISA and Mastercard Debit, and the chances are, you’ve already got one of these cards and use it regularly for other things in your life.

What debit cards does PlayOJO accept?

VISA logo

A major card universally accepted worldwide, VISA is a multinational electronic payment system owned by the banks and other financial companies. An estimated 70% of VISA transactions in Europe occur from debit cards. Check out OJO’s VISA payments page to learn more about VISA and how to use this method for depositing and withdrawing at PlayOJO.

Mastercard logo

VISA’s biggest competitor, processing more than 23 billion transactions every year, Mastercard cards are a quick, simple and secure way to make online casino deposits. Check out our Mastercard payments page for more info on how to get started with this method.

What makes debit cards a top online casino payment method?

  • Fast and secure casino banking
  • Make instant deposits
  • You can make both deposits and withdrawals
  • Debit cards are typically easy to obtain
  • Debit cards are widely available for players in most countries
  • Quick withdrawals


Quickly becoming one of the preferred payment methods for online casino deposits and quick withdrawals, eWallets, also known as electronic wallets or digital wallets, are a secure, quick, and reliable way to transfer funds and make purchases online.

What is an eWallet?

Simply put, an eWallet is an online service that allows you to make a digital transaction with ease and convenience. To make eWallet casino deposits and withdraw funds, you will need to have an account with a company that provides an eWallet service, such as PayPal.

Setting up an account is typically easy to do and can be done online in a matter of minutes by following the chosen company’s step-by-step registration process. You can expect to provide information such as an email, name, address, telephone number, etc. Furthermore, depending on the eWallet you choose, you may be required (or have the option) to link it to your bank account.

Once you have your eWallet account set up, you can fund the account (e.g. money from your bank, via a card, etc.). Once your eWallet has funds, you can then make an online casino deposit.

What eWallets does PlayOJO accept?

PayPal logo

PayPal is the most popular and well-known eWallet service around the globe. Initially associated with eBay, it has become known for its diversity and security. It’s now one of the largest internet payment companies, with around 200 million users worldwide. To learn more about this top choice for gamers in the UK, head to our PayPal payments page.

What makes an eWallet a top online casino payment method?

  • Rapid and secure fund transfers
  • Instant deposits
  • Fast withdrawals – eWallet withdrawal processing times are typically the quickest and can occur within 24 hours.
  • Setting up an eWallet account is easy and most are free to register

Instant bank payment

Imagine if you could just move money in and out of your PlayOJO account using your mobile banking app? Well imagine no more, coz that’s what our Instant Bank Payment method is all about.

What provider does PlayOJO use?

TrueLayer payment company logo

PlayOJO uses Truelayer to manage instant bank payments. Truelayer is a respected, award-winning payments company backed by renowned global investors. There’s no need for a Truelayer account, they simply enable you to connect to your bank account so you can authorise a casino payment safely and instantly. You can learn more about PlayOJO’s instant bank payments on our Truelayer page.

What makes Instant Bank Payment a popular casino withdrawal method?

  • Safe and secure fund transfers – Instant Bank Payment is as safe as your bank account
  • No extra account needed – Transact using your online banking app
  • Instant deposits – fund your account in a few taps
  • Fast withdrawals – Cash out your winnings instantly back to your bank account

Apple Pay (IOS only)

Got an Apple device? Chances are, you’ve already used Apple Pay to pay for stuff in shops or online. And now, you can use Apple Pay to deposit into your PlayOJO account too.

A button with the text Continue With Applepay

What is Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is mobile payment method available to players on the iOS operating system – that’s iPhone, Ipad and Apple Watch. It replaces your physical cards and cash with an easier, safer, more secure and private payment method. You can learn all about Apple Pay including how to deposit on our comprehensive Apple Pay page.

What makes Apple Pay a good casino payment method?

  • Safe and secure – authorised only by Touch ID, Face ID or your passcode
  • Easy to use – no need to think about cards or eWallets
  • Instant deposits – fund your account in a few taps

1.2 Deposit options

Want to know what payment methods you’ll find in the PlayOJO Cashier? We’ve got you covered with debit cards, eWallets and instant bank transfers.

The deposit options screen in the PlayOJO cashier

* Note: This image shows UK deposit methods. OJOers from other countries may see different options.

1.3 Withdrawal options

Want to know what banking methods you’ll find in the PlayOJO Cashier to withdraw funds? We’ve got you covered with debit cards, eWallets and instant bank transfers.

A message about withdrawing funds and verification at PlayOJO Casino

* Note: The above are of UK withdrawal methods. OJOers from other countries may see different options.

As you can see above, OJO has teamed up with only the most trusted and secure online casino banking options around. What’s more, we’ve made sure that our OJOers can choose from a variety of methods. Whether you’re a fan of debit cards, eWallets, instant bank payments or Apple Pay, there’s more than one way to transfer your funds when making safe deposits and fast withdrawals at PlayOJO.

Want to learn more about each of OJO’s online casino banking methods? Click here.
Got OJO-related payments questions? Check out the FAQ.
Need to buzz the OJO crew instead? Get in touch.

2.0 How to deposit

We think online casino deposits and withdrawals should always be simple, regardless of the online casino payment method. In this section, we’ll take a close, step-by-step look at the casino depositing process, so you’ll be clued up for when you’re ready for real money play, with no surprises on the way!

When you’re ready for real money online casino play, you’ll need to make a deposit. Making a deposit is an easy, fast and straightforward process. Here’s how it works at PlayOJO:

Step 1 – Sign up

To create your account, click the “Join Now” button and follow the registration steps by entering all the required information in the appropriate fields. This is how the signup process starts if you’re on a mobile phone:

The first screen of the registration form at PlayOJO Casino

We’ll take you through a few quick steps to provide details such as name, age, address and email, then ask you to pick your PlayOJO username. Then you’ll be ready to deposit and start your OJO adventure.

OJO’s Tip 
It’s important to make sure you provide accurate information when you create your PlayOJO account. This info is tied to your online casino identity and we will use it if we ever need to get in touch with you.

Step 2 – Choose your payment method

Once you’ve created your account, you’ll have access to the online casino cashier. The Cashier is where you’ll make deposits and request withdrawals.

Five popular deposit methods to fund your account at PlayOJO Casino

To open the Cashier, tap “Deposit” at the top of your phone screen. From there, you’ll be taken to the Cashier where you can select your preferred payment from the list of online casino banking options available in your country.

Step 3 – Make your deposit

Once you’ve selected your payment method, you simply need to follow the steps to make your deposit. If you’re from the UK, all deposits, withdrawals and gameplay happen in GBP, though we do accept 15 different currencies for OJO players from other countries around the world, including EUR, USD, CAD, JPY and more.

If you selected VISA, you’ll be required to enter the following info:

Debit card option in the PlayOJO Casino cashier

Each payment method has a minimum deposit amount, which means you’ll need to make a deposit of at least this amount for your request to be processed. Usually, the minimum amount is small, such as £10 in this case for VISA.

OJO’s Tip
Remember, just as you need a VISA card to make a deposit with VISA, if you want to deposit using an eWallet such as PayPal, you will need to create an account with the eWallet provider first before you can use that method to transfer funds to your casino account.

Finally, before submitting your deposit request, you’ll need to tick a box to say that you understand and agree that the casino will hold your funds in accounts separate from the casino’s accounts. This is done to ensure that all your assets in your casino account are protected and returned to you should the casino business stop operating.

Step 4 – Deposit fees

Let’s keep things nice and simple. We think an online casino should never charge you money to either deposit or withdraw your funds from your account. That’s why PlayOJO does not charge any deposit fees for players in the UK.

If you’re reading this from a country that’s outside the UK, be sure to check your Cashier page before you deposit, for up-to-date information on limits, fees and processing times, as these may differ from country to country.

Step 5 – Deposit processing time

Deposits are usually processed instantly as long as you meet all the deposit requirements and have sufficient funds in the account from where you are taking the funds to deposit into your casino account.

The only payment methods that are typically not instant deposit methods are bank wire transfers, and this is due to your bank’s processing rules. In these cases, deposits may take up to 3 working days.

Once your deposit has been made successfully, the OJO crew will fire off an email to you to let you know your funds are ready and waiting for you in your account.

OJO’s Tip
When it comes to deposit limits, we make it easy for you to set your own limits so you’re always in control of your play. You can restrict your daily, weekly and monthly deposit amounts any time you want. Simply head over to the OJO Safeguard section in “My Account” and click “Deposit Limits” to set your limits.

3.0 How to withdraw

You came, you played, you conquered and now you’re ready to cash out your winnings! Withdrawing can be a breeze. It’s simply a matter of making sure you follow OJO’s guide below on how to withdraw funds from our online casino.

Step 1 – Choose your withdrawal option

Just like when you make a deposit, you’ll be provided with the payment methods that are available to you for making a withdrawal. Before you have made a deposit, the only withdrawal method you’ll see is Wire Transfer. Once you’ve made a deposit using Visa, for example, you’ll see Visa has been added to this screen.

Usually, the casino payment method you make your deposit with is the method that you will be required to use for withdrawals. That being said, in certain cases, such as if you were to use a payment method that is a deposit only option), typically wire transfer is the available withdrawal method.

Step 2 – Make your withdrawal

Once you’ve selected the withdrawal method, follow the steps required to withdraw funds. As an example, for a Wire Transfer you will need to provide the following types of information:

The default withdrawal screen in the PlayOJO cashier

You’ll notice the minimum required withdrawal amount and the average processing times are listed for the withdrawal method you select. With OJO there is no minimum withdrawal restriction – just another thing that makes us fair. 

No wagering requirements with OJO

You may need to meet other requirements before you can withdraw funds including age verification and validating your withdrawal. That being said, unlike other online casinos, there are no wagering requirements at PlayOJO.

No wagering requirements means that we do not require you to wager a certain amount of your own money a certain number of times in order to withdraw winnings from your account that are related to rewards and offers you’ve claimed from us. As well as quick withdrawals, we believe fair play really matters. You can learn more about OJO’s Rewards and Game Play Policy here.

OJO’s Tip
You may be redirected to OJO’s “Upload Documents” page after you’ve entered your withdrawal details. In some cases, we may ask for documentation to verify your identity. This is for your own safety as well as ours. You can learn more about verification below.

Step 3 – Withdrawal processing times

You want your money fast, we get it! Once you’ve scooped up some winnings or you simply have funds in your casino account that you want to take home, you want that money ASAP. A reputable and wager-free casino, like yours truly, sees to it that when you request a withdrawal from the cashier, we do everything on our end to make sure your request is processed straight away to get the funds transfer ball rolling.

How fast you receive your money may depend on a variety of factors. When you make an online casino withdrawal there are two levels of processing you need to clear:

Casino withdrawal verifying process – This is the time it takes for the casino to process and validate your withdrawal request once you’ve made it via the cashier. This processing time varies from online casino to online casino. We aim to process your withdrawal request in a few hours, provided we have all the information we need.

Funds transfer process – Once we release the funds, the countdown starts on the length of time it will take for the funds you’ve withdrawn to reach your designated bank account or eWallet.

The length of time varies from one payment method to the next. Some withdrawal methods such as PayPal or Trustly credit your funds instantly. With others such as debit cards, it may take more time for your funds to clear and it’s best to check with your bank or financial institution. For more information on processing times, please check your Cashier.

What is a Pending Withdrawal?

A pending withdrawal is one that remains in “pending” status for one or two days, after a withdrawal is submitted by the player.

Sometimes, our payments team may need to review a withdrawal request before it can be approved. This is a standard process to ensure all transactions are safe and secure, but they will work as fast as possible to complete the review process review. Once they’re done, you’ll receive an email update.

Step 4 – Withdrawal fees

We make withdrawing funds easy, quick and zero-cost for players in the UK, because playing, winning and getting your money should all feel good!

So when you come to withdraw funds, you’ll see there are no withdrawal fees on any of our banking methods. Whether you’re depositing or cashing out, all casino payments are free, just the way it should be.

If you’ve landed here from a country that’s outside the UK, then please head to your Cashier once you are logged in to get up-to-date info on all limits, fees and processing times related to depositing and withdrawing, as these may differ from country to country.

4.0 Verification

We take banking very seriously. Your money is your money and it belongs to you and only you. That’s why we have a strict validation process in place to verify that when one of OJO’s players makes a withdrawal request, the right amount of money is being sent to the right person.

The validation process prevents major catastrophes, such as money laundering, identity theft, and other fraudulent activities.

So, when you try to withdraw money for the first time and there’s a bit of a delay because OJO might need you to upload some personal docs, remember that this is because we’ve got your back and want to make sure your money gets to you!

What documents do we need?

We need a few personal documents that can provide us with the following details:

  • Proof of ID (e.g. passport, driving license, government issued ID card)
  • Proof of Address (e.g. utility bill, bank statement)

If you are depositing by debit card, you will also be required to provide a copy of the card before your withdrawal. On the bright side, you’re only required to do this once for each card used.

Submitting the required documentation is easy and you’re only required to do it once as long as you don’t change your card or your personal details (e.g. name, address, etc.). The documents can easily be uploaded via the Cashier. To learn more about how to upload docs, check out OJO’s Uploading your Documents section.

OJO’s Tip
Your personal and financial information remains 100% secure and confidential, always. Industry standard security protocols (128-bit, SSL data encryption technology) ensure that all of your transactions are secure. That’s how we make certain your sensitive info is ever intercepted while it is being transmitted between you and us. You can learn more about this in our Privacy Policy.

5.0 How safe is casino banking?

Without question, you should only ever deposit real money at an online casino you trust. Just as you check into other companies before you make purchases online, you need to do the same when it comes to selecting casino banking methods and the online casinos offering them.

  • First, make sure the online casino is fully licensed and regulated and then look into its terms and conditions, its privacy policy, and the type of security it uses to protect the transferring of sensitive data.
  • Second, make sure you look into the company providing you with the banking service (e.g. VISA, PayPal, etc.). What type of security measures do they provide to ensure your funds are safe in your account and during its digital travels?

You can never be too secure

Here are a few more things you might want to keep in mind concerning online casino payment security, courtesy of your pal OJO:

OJO’s Fast Facts – Online Casino Banking Security Check

  • Make sure when you enter your financial information that the page is secure. The page URL should begin with HTTP, and you should also see a lock symbol to the left of the website address.  
  • Play it safe and never enter details on a page you’ve navigated to through an email link or a link from another site. Navigate to the cashier from the site’s homepage or from inside your account. 
  • The typical level of security offered by an online casino is industry-standard 128-bit SSL (Secure Locket Layer) encryption technology. Nothing less will do!  
  • Don’t allow your device to save your payment details. It may feel convenient but it’s not as secure.  
  • Never give your online casino banking info to anyone else, including friends or family. Your account is yours only, and it’s yours to protect. 

6.0 FAQ

What deposit and withdrawal methods does OJO offer?

OJO accepts all major banking methods, including debit cards, eWallets, Apple Pay and Instant Bank Payment.

Can I make deposits and withdrawals using my mobile?

Yes, and it’s easy to do!

What’s the fastest deposit option?

Almost all payment methods offered by OJO are processed instantly.

Can I use more than one payment method?

Yes! You can pick any payment method that is listed in the Cashier.

Can I withdraw funds to a different payment method than the one I used to deposit with?

Usually, no. With the exception of deposit-only options, the payment method you use to make your deposit is the same one your funds will be sent back to.

What are the fastest withdrawal options?

OJO’s got a reputation as a fast withdrawal casino, because we do all we can to get your funds to you in a flash. When you want to withdraw money, eWallets such as PayPal typically process the fastest in as little as 24 hours, but nothing is faster than our Instant Bank Payments withdrawal method.

What’s the minimum and maximum withdrawal amount?

Unlike other casinos, we don’t have a minimum withdrawal, so you can cash out whatever you like. It your money! To check the maximum withdrawal amount, please log into your PlayOJO account and visit the Cashier.

What withdrawal fees does PlayOJO charge?

Whatever withdrawal method you choose, we will never charge you any withdrawal fees for withdrawing funds. That’s because we think your money should be your money, if you request a casino withdrawal of £20, that’s exactly what should land in your bank account or eWallet.

Am I required to provide personal documents to withdraw money?

Withdrawing funds can sometimes involve providing standard verification documents, as it is part of OJO’s security procedure. We will try to verify you automatically when you sign up and make your first deposit, rather than you withdraw funds, but either way, we only ever ask for these once.

Why is my withdrawal pending?

Our payments team will review some withdrawal requests but don’t you worry, it’s a standard process and they’ll work as fast as possible to complete the review process review and help you withdraw funds ASAP. Once they’re done, you’ll receive an email update.

Does PlayOJO have wagering requirements?

Absolutely not! Your winnings are always yours to keep. With OJO it’s all about real money and real play with no strings!

Can you still claim OJO’s welcome package if you deposit and play via mobile?

Absolutely! OJO’s welcome package and all his promotions are open to all his players, whether they’re online or mobile OJOers!

Are you limited to the number of mobile casino real money games you can play?

Of course not! OJO’s massive library of games are totally mobile-friendly. Enjoy Slots, Jackpots, Table Games and our premium Live Casino!

Do I have to download the PlayOJO app to make a deposit or withdrawal with my mobile device?

No. You can also make deposits and withdrawals if you choose to play with OJO via your mobile web browser, too.

Do I need to create two accounts if I play on both desktop and mobile?

No. OJO keeps it simple and you’re able to access your account on any platform you choose!

Are payment options limited on mobile?

No. Whichever options are available to you online are also available to you via mobile.

Can I make fast mobile casino deposits?

Yes! Most deposits are processed within a matter of minutes.

Can I make mobile casino withdrawals?

Absolutely! Usually, the payment method you used to make your deposit is the one you’ll need to use to withdraw funds. The only exception is certain deposit-only payment methods, such as prepaid cards, certain bank transfers and pay by mobile.

What is the average mobile withdrawal process time?

We believe fast withdrawals are a no-brainer, so we make sure you get your winnings transferred to you ASAP. Processing times to withdraw money vary from one payment method to the next. If you’re looking for the fastest, usually eWallets like PayPal are the best, typically processing within 24 hours.

Is it less secure to transfer funds via mobile compared to computer online casino transfers?

No. With OJO you are protected with 128-bit SSL (secure socket layer) encryption protocols. This means you can trust that your funds transfers and any personal data is 100% secure and protected, always. That said, OJO does recommend that just as you should take all precautions to make sure that your personal computer and mobile is secure.


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