OJO's Guide to Bingo

Learn how to play bingo with OJO’s ultimate bingo guides

If you’re new to online bingo and you’re not sure where to start, OJO’s handy beginner bingo guides will have you marking your first online bingo card in minutes! From buying your first ticket to winning your first bingo jackpot, OJO’s ultimate online bingo guides contain all you need to know about his fair bingo games.

Learn how to play 90 ball bingo, 80 ball bingo and 75 ball bingo, including OJO’s pattern bingo games. Discover the difference between our bingo rooms, including Amigo, Rodeo, Disco, Micro, Bingo Blast and Equaliser, where every player has the same number of bingo cards and the exact same chance of winning.

Want to know more about what bingo is and where it came from? No problem, amigo! Our ultimate guide to bingo covers the history of the world’s most popular numbers game and the reasons why it’s the perfect game to play online.