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You don’t need to be flush or have a big pair to play video poker at PlayOJO! Simply sign up for free and play any of our video poker games from just 10p!

With supersonic game speed, wild cards and the potential for 250x wins, video poker has it all. Like other online casino games, video poker took a big leap forward when the internet arrived and our classic online card games are still loved by OJOers to this day.

In the immortal words of Mike Sexton, let’s shuffle up and deal!


Playing Video Poker in 60 seconds

Video poker is one of the easiest online card games to play. Create your PlayOJO account in under a minute and we’ll have you at the felt in a jiffy!

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Playing multihand video poker

Want to play 3 or even 10 hands simultaneously? That’s power poker, amigo! Simply choose a 3 Hand or 10 Hand version of any PlayOJO video poker game, play your main hand as before, and any cards you hold will be the basis of your other hands too. It’s Groundhog Day, OJO style!

What can you win?

In online video poker games, you’re aiming to make the best 5 card hand possible. As you can see from this typical Jacks Or Better video poker paytable, you’re aiming for one of the top 2 or 3 hands. Play a hand for £1 and you can win up to £4,000 if the cards fall your way.

Get the highest
Video Poker rtps

Video poker RTPs vary depending on the game rules and the number of coins you play. Our video poker games all pay out around 97-98% when you play 1 to 4 coins, but they can pay up to 99.79% if you play the maximum 5 coins, so it literally pays to play more coins, though you can still lower your coin value to keep your total stake the same.

Our favourite
Video Poker games

At PlayOJO we’ve got over 10 types of online video poker from Green Valley Games, each with a range of rules, prizes and single or multi-hand options.

Jacks or Better

Jacks of Better is the classic version of video poker with no twists or turns, just simple 5-card draw with a pair of Jacks as the lowest hand. Start off with the 1 hand version, then graduate to 3-handed or 10-handed for the real deal!

Deuces Wild

Play the most famous online video poker game of all, Deuces Wild, where every 2 in the pack acts as a wild. As all deuces substitute for all other cards, it’s much easier to make a winning hand. Deuces Wild video poker is available in 1 hand, 3 hand and 10 hand versions.

Joker Poker

Like Deuces Wild, Joker Poker features wild cards but this time, it’s just 1 wild – the joker in the 53-card pack. Hit a Royal Flush without using the joker and you’ll win up to 3,000 coins. You can play Joker Poker for 1 hand or 3 hands.

2 Ways Royal

Standard video poker rules here – no wilds - except for 1 twist; There are 2 types of Royal Flush, Hi (AKQJT) and Lo (23456).

Aces & Faces

Another twist on standard video poker rules, Aces & Faces includes 2 extra payout combinations, “Four Aces” and “4 Jacks, Queens, Kings”, which pay out more than other 4 Of A Kind hands.

Why Video Poker's
the real deal?

Video poker is the fastest and easiest way to play 5 card draw for real money online, and it still shares all of its DNA with classic poker cabinet games you’ll find in Las Vegas. You can play all of our online video poker games for free or play for real for only 10p.

With a house edges as low as 1% and instant cashback with no restrictions on every game through OJOplus, there’s only one place to play video poker online. And the best part? Unlike online blackjack where you need your own strategy chart, our video poker games do all the smart stuff for you, so you’re always playing the best strategy.

How fair is Video

Video poker uses the same type of random number generator to deal cards as we use in all of other online slots and casino games (roulette, blackjack...). Software is tested regularly, and both PlayOJO and our games providers are licenced by the UK Gambling Commission.

OJO is the only online casino where you’ll get fair casino bonuses and perks with no wagering requirements or maximum wins.

Time to hold ‘em or fold’em, hermano!