Money back on every bet!

Every time you play a casino game, I put money in your OJOplus account.

Real money, in real time. Play it, withdraw it or watch those numbers rack up.

There are no restrictions, whatever the game, whatever your level, I pay out on EVERY bet.

The amount of OJOplus money you can earn is unlimited, more play, MORE cash! When I pay out the OJOplus icon will move, so you can watch your money grow! No other casino does that!

The OJOplus icon moves around OJO’s face when you earn OJOplus cash!



2. I PAY!

Collecting OJOplus cash


Collect your free money by clicking the page turner beneath OJO’s face.


Then hit ‘COLLECT’ to add the OJOplus funds to your Real Money Balance.

There are no restrictions on collecting OJOplus money - any amount, at any time!

No strings. No hidden conditions. Just free cash.

OJOplus payouts

There's no limit to how much free OJOplus money you can earn with OJO Specials - the more you play, the more I pay!

Here's this month's top OJOplus payouts.

How much free money?

There are three categories indicated by 1, 2 or 3 OJO+ icons. The more OJOplus icons the game has, the more I pay out.

OJOplus casino payouts are dynamic and can change from time to time so be sure to check the money back return on your slot picks from the table below.